Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Timeless

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com
Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez. LimelightPics.com

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez had a golf date over the weekend AND the paps found the couple. 

No saucy make out photos of they young "friendly" stars, just shots of them playfully playing golf.

On a side note, it is being reported by TMZ that Selena bought Nick a present and it is really cute.

It is a pocket watch and on the back, it is engraved "Check the time....I Love you right now."  Now, that is sweet and classic.   The box was engraved with a famous poem; ""I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am with you." 

Perhaps a play on Nick's hit "Who I Am" and it is plain to see that whether they are just really good friends or more,  she digs Nick for who he is.  Gotta love young love. Who could ask for more?-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Secret Show Performance (Video)

Nick Jonas did a surprise show at 3 different locations in Los Angeles today, one in Sherman Oaks in front of a flower shop. So Nick decided to play "Rose Garden" and "Who I Am" from his CD which came out today.

Nick also played a show before this one at Santa Monica Peer and will be playing at Disney 365 Store at Downtown Disney.

Enjoy the footage of Nick Jonas along with his guitar player Sonny Thompson performing for about 50 fans.-Dr.FB


Nick Jonas Tries To Get Funky In Parking Lot

Nick Jonas took to performing for fans in a parking lot just outside his show. Nick wanted to meet each and every fan but couldn't due to sound check so he performed "Rose Garden" and "Who I Am" along with his guitarist Sonny Thompson.

Check out the clip above. Come on, even if you don't like Nick Jonas, you have to think that is pretty cool.-Dr.FB


Video Premiere: Nick Jonas “Who I Am”

Here is Nick Jonas debut solo video, backed up by the New Power Administration.  Nick is following the Justin Timberlake formula of getting former Prince band members to back you up and you seem like a funky white boy. 

Nick is backed by Michael Bland, Sonny Thompson and Tommy Barberella, all 3 who have played with Prince before.  I am going to leave any criticism regarding Nick out because of his effort to bring Diabetes to the forefront of what a serious disease it is. 

Let me know what you think of the video and song.-Dr.FB