Video: The 2012 Funkytown Debate

Ahh, Funk is making its own "comeback" although we know it has never left. From a WWE wrestler calling himself "The Funkasauras" and Clipper basketball player Blake Griffen requesting Funk in his ride, and now, the Funkytown debates being televised on CSPAN...well...not really.

Saturday Night Live had a fun and funky skit this week with Will Ferrell along with Usher wanting to be the mayor of Funkytown. It was a skit that I enjoyed more than "What's Up With That" although we wonder why they had Jay Pharoh be the one to wear the diaper in this skit.

Now, the only thing Saturday Night Live needs to do is bring funk to this generation. What do we mean? You don't need the outlandish outfits to be funky. Funk knows no color, and I will not be rocking an outfit like tasty turkey.

Bottom line, we digged the skit and are looking forward to more. We know that Fred could easily give us a shout-out too. Ahem.-DocFb


Saturday Night Live Celebrates 100th Digital Short With Bieber, Timberlake, & Portman

There have now been 100 Digital Shorts by Saturday Night Live since Andy Samberg joined the show....and they are going to celebrate by doing...what?

Regardless, Justin Bieber joins in for the fun although he won'd do that. Returning are the "Dick In The Box" guys with Justin Timberlake and also a rapping Natalie Portman, Michael Bolton, Sergio, and Beiber's "mentor Usher, who was the musical guest along with Will Ferrell.

This was not my favorite one but it showed so many that were favorites, how could we be bitter about it? Check out the clip above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


Spotted….Another Laker Playoff Edition

Spotted at the Laker game against the Utah Jazz were P. Diddy, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Tennis Legend John McEnroe, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Ferrell, and Jack Nicolson.

Derek Fisher won twice last night as he got an order of protection against a stalker fan who even changer her last name to Fisher.  Although Derek has had nothing to do with the woman ever, she claims they have children and she is the real Mrs. Fisher.  Yikes! 

Well, congrats to Derek for the injunction and eliminating the Jazz last night.-Dr.FB