First Official Image For “Wolverine” Movie Released

The first official image of Hugh Jackman in the "Wolverine" movie has been released. Hugh has played Wolverine in the successful X-Men movies before.

The movie is set for release on July 26th, 2013 and features Hugh flexing as "Wolverine" claws and all. The movie takes place in Japan when Wolverine encounters a stranger from the past. Uh-Oh.

The movie is directed by James Mangold and also stars Will Yun Lee, Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee.

We are looking forward to this super-hero movie for sure.-DocFB


Star Trek Earns $72 Million

Star Trek
Star Trek

Star Trek

With a guest appearance from cast members on Saturday Night Live, Star Trek finished the weekend making $72 million to debut easily in the number 1 spot at the box office.

Wolverine dropped tremdously after making over $80 million last week.  It only made $27 million this week.  Star Trek looks like it will have more success and not drop off as much in the coming weeks. 

Beam me up, witches!  What did you all think of it?????-Dr.FB


Wolverine Debuts At #1

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine.  Photo: 20th Century Fox
Hugh Jackman As Wolverine.  Photo: 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman As Wolverine. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Despite a huge Internet leak, Wolverine debuted at #1 making 87 million.

No one I know so far has really liked it all too much.  87 million is impressive but expecting the bad worth of mouth to mean numbers will drop this weekend.

Did you see Wolverine yet?  Thoughts?-Dr.FB