Working Out

“True Blood” Fans Want To Work Out With Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard. Photo:

Alexander Skarsgard was seen walking the streets of New York City after his daily work out on Monday. We wonder what the “True Blood” star was listening to on his I-Pod. “Keep Bleeding”?  “Red Red Wine”?  “Sunday Bloody Sunday”? I am sure most of you are wondering why we can’t get photos of Skarsgard working out to […]

Joe Jonas Gets Short With Us

Joe Jonas showed off his new short hairstyle along with his fit bod in L.A. over the weekend. He was caught with the new-doo after working out at the gym. The 20 year old did not seem startled by the cameras as he kept moving towards his car. Thankfully, it was only the paps because […]

Kellan Lutz Is Overdressed

I will say it for those of you out there that can’t but are thinking it; Kellan Lutz is overdressed. You can still see those muscle’s breaking through the shirt but I know you fans would love to see the “New Moon” hottie wearing less. It was frickin hot on Sunday so I am surprised […]

Kellan Lutz Gets His Eclipse Workout Out On

Kellan Lutz has been spotted a few times getting his workout on in the downtown area of Vancouver, B.C., where he has been filming “Eclipse”, giving people a show of his toned body. You can also see Kellan in “New Moon” which opens November 20th, now less than 3 months away. We wonder if Robert […]