Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of Hot & Cold!


Katy, No Need To Wave Us Down. We Are Coming. Photo: Wenn.com

As we first told you two weeks ago, we had inside info on the new Katy Perry song & video “Hot & Cold”.

What kind of web site would we be if we did not share that info with you now that we can?

The shoot was two days long.  The first day was filming a wedding (her mom & her dad were there) and a dude in full drag who is a close friend of Katy’s and a Jack Nicholson look-alike in the front row.

The 2nd day was an 80’s new wave scene which has to be seen.  Funky fresh.  The video should be debuting on FNMTV in a couple of friday nights. 

We want to thank Katy’s people for the info and our johnny on the spot for providing exlusive photos we will post in the future.-Dr.FB



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