Chris Rock: Palin Is Like Kardashian

Chris Rocks Kill The Messenger.  Photo:

Chris Rock's Kill The Messenger. Photo:

Chris Rock was on Larry King Live promoting his upcoming HBO Special Kill The Messenger and was asked about Sarah Palin.

Chris had this to say:  It’s a pretty bad choice.  I thouht Al Davis made the choice that’s how bad it was.  She’s done 3 interviews and she is running for Vice President of the United States?  Jason Lee has done more interviews promoting My Name Is Earl.  i did more interviews today than she has to run for Vice President.  Every time they let her talk for more than 4 minutes, you actually start feeling sorry for her. 

And the quote of the week:  It’s kind of like Kim Kardashian on Dancing With The Stars, all that ass and can’t shake it.

Too bad in this economy we can’t afford to have HBO this weekend for the special.-Dr.FB



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