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Is Gisele On Her Way To See Agent Tom?  Photo:

Is Gisele On Her Way To See Agent Tom? Photo:

Tom Brady had a 2nd surgery on his knee which he injured in the first game of the season where he injured his ACL and MCL.  The reason the 2nd surgery was needed was to clear out an infection….The Tony Romo-less Cowboys got spanked by the St Louis Rams as Romo was not able to play with his broken pinkie.  As we stated last week, the Cowboys season is ova!  Well, we knew that it would be over before the season started.  That’s my team, but it’s truth…..Richard Collier, the Jacksonville Jaguar player who was shot last month 16 times and had to have his leg amputated may be breathing a little easier tonight.  The person who shot him may have been arrested Saturday Night…..The Boston Red Sox came back from 3 games to 1 down to lose it in game 7.  The Rays will take on The Philly’s of Game 1 of the ho-hum World Series this week.  The Dodgers with Manny went as far as the Sox did without Manny…..



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