Breaking News! Aniston Pregnant?

OMG! We are hearing from several different stories that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and John Mayer is the father!!! All we are waiting on is a public announcement confirming or denying. Stay tuned n JM fans don't jump out of any windows!!-Dr.FB

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  1. ugh….this is the worst news yet in the whole mayer/anniston thing. better NOT be effing true.

    if it is….we all know, she did it on purpose to trap him. selfish bitch. we all know he is NOT ready to settle. if he were, he would’ve the first time around. if this IS indeed true….it will probably hurt his career.

    i know i’m not the only one thinking it. i just have more nerve than most to say it.

  2. “Stay tuned n JM fans don’t jump out of any windows!!-Dr.FB”

    Nah I won’t ;) . We’ll just have to wait and see. I guess.

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