A “Friends” Reunion? Not Happening!

Friends Photo: NBC.com

Those rumors of a "Friends" reunion? Yea, it is not happening according to the co-creator of the super huge television show.

Marta Kauffman states that “I’m going to clear this up- it’s not happening. It’s not true.”

So those hoping to see Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer again, will just have to wait a little bit longer. Or perhaps it will never happen.

Above is a blooper real of all the seasons of "Friends" where they will live in repeats forever.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I'll There For U....


…And The 2013 (Yes, Already) Hottest Woman Of The Year Is….

First and foremost, I want to say I did not make this list....although I do agree with the choice Men's Health made for the 2013 Hottest Women Of The Year.

Katy Perry tops Men's Health list of the Hottest Women Of The Year For 2013.

Other women that Katy beat out were Mila Kunis, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston topped Men's Health Hottest Women Of ALL Time list...so I guess judging by picking Katy this year, they are now saying she is the hottest women of all time right?

Men's Health came to the decision of Katy being number one by looks alone. So if you thought it was for her sandwich making skills after sex, you are sadly mistaken.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is Katy fun? Is Katy funky?


Really? The Hottest Woman Of All Time Is……

Jennifer Aniston File Photo
Jennifer Aniston File Photo

Jennifer Aniston File Photo

Mens Health just released their votes for the hottest woman of all time and it is one of your "Friends", so to speak.

Jennifer Aniston was voted number 1 hottest woman of all time, according to the readers of Mens Health Magazine.

They put Marilyn Monroe at number 3 and Madonna at number 5 so the list is all over the place.  Just in case you were wondering....Angelina Jolie is number 10.

You can check out the full list HERE.

I am going to stay out of this for now...but what do you all think of the list?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  You know whoever is dating the doc is the hottest woman of all time.  What?


Youtube Video Sensation: “My Balls”

OMG. You MUST watch this. Never seen something like this talk about Jennifer Aniston and Ewoks. Wowsa.

Check it out above and let me know what you think of "My Balls." Um, not my balls but....oh, just check out the video!-Dr.FB


Friends Reunited! Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox

Here is a clip from the Season Premiere of Cougar Town on Wednesday featuring Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston!

Friends forever? Most def. Cougers forever? Highly doubt it!

Regardless, watch the clip and let us know what you think.-Dr,FB


Jennifer Aniston Gets Smart

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: SmartWater.com
Jennifer Aniston. Photo: SmartWater.com

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: SmartWater.com

Jennifer Aniston has been the Smart Water spokesperson since 2007, making sure she is shot holding the water whenever possible.

In a new print ad, she does the same thing, only hotter.  The 41 year old and her abs look pretty hot.  I am sure some of you would still want to be "Friends" with her. 

So is Jennifer Aniston aging well or what?-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Tops Maxim’s Hot 100 List

Katy Perry's Black & White Number.  Photo: Esquire.com

Katy Perry's Black & White Number. Photo: Esquire.com

Katy Perry is now number 1 on the Maxim Hot 100 List and she is still getting married to Russell Brand.

Jennifer Aniston did not make the list but a girl I would have to double wrap my johnny before being in the same room with her, Kesha made the list.  Eww.  Angelina Jolie came in at number 38. 

Unless this list gets it's own VH-1 Special or E! special, it will be forgotten quite quickly.  Congrats to Katy but Ke$ha?  Seriously?-Dr.FB