Michael Jackson Denies Jackson 5 Reunion.

Jermaine, I Am Begging You...Shut Up!  File Photo

Jermaine, I Am Begging You...Shut Up! File Photo












Did MJ really need to deny reports?  Well, he did regardless, for the fools who actually thought this was going to happen.

Seriously, they announced Janet would be opening the tour, who is following her brother’s foorsteps by cancelling shows a lot.  With both of them on a tour, let’s say a 60 city tour, 2 shows would happen. 

When was the last time MJ toured?  Please enlighten me.  Let’s work on getting Michael back on track before his brothers. If you think his career is over, how often will you be hearing a certain song today?-Dr.FB




  1. Don’t they play this “We’re touring”, “Hell no, I’m not!” game every couple of years? Who really cares anymore? “Thriller” is a classic and will always be played, but so will the “Monster Mash”….LOL.

    I am so glad I chose to be a Prince fan. The man still makes beautiful music, and has the BEST live shows. MJ has not moved with the times and he has no one to blame but himself. I still love the old jams, but I don’t have any faith that something new is coming. It is kind of sad.

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