Kate Winslet On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

Kate & All Her Hotness On Vanity Fair.  Photo: VanityFair.com

Kate & All Her Hotness On Vanity Fair. Photo: VanityFair.com

Kate Winslet & all her hawtness is on the cover of Vanity Fair.  Curvy sexiness.

Kate has had issues with her weight, even saying that she did not want to become famous, because of it. 

“I was fat. I didn’t know any fat famous actresses. I just did not see myself in that world at all, and I’m being very sincere. You know, once a fat kid, always a fat kid.”

“You always think that you just look a little bit wrong or a little bit different from everyone else,” the actress says. “And I still sort of have that. I often look at women who wear great jeans and high heels and nice little T-shirts wandering around the city and I think, ‘I should make more of an effort. I should look like that.’

“But then I think, ‘They can’t be happy in those heels,'” she says.

Straight up, there is NOTHING wrong with Kate’s body at all.  I would take a woman who looks like Kate over one of dem skinny girls on 9021-h0.  No disrespect but it is sad that someone who is smart and talented and attractive has these issues.  Glad she seems to have conquered them. 

What makes Kate happy?

“I need to be looked after,” she says. “I need someone to say to me, ‘Shall I run you a bath?’ or ‘Let’s go to the pub, just us.’ I mean, the things that make me happiest in the whole world are going on the occasional picnic, either with my children or with my partner.

I must say, her husband of 5 years, Sam Mendes, is a great and lucky man.  Good luck on your Oscar aspirations, Kate.  Love ya, woman.-Dr.FB



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