John Mayer Blogs Again!

No One Should Be Anaylzed Walking Away From A Car.  File Photo

No One Should Be Anaylzed Walking Away From A Car. File Photo


Hi out there…
thought I’d check in to let you all know what’s up in my world…

I’m working on the next CD, which I’m sure you will immediately hate until you eventually love. I’m basing out of LA because I’m working on a side project that is extremely cool. (I’ll tell you about it soon.)

A quick point about all things media/gossip/paparazzi related, as I know there’s been some chatter amongst the fan boards lately…

I am not darker, angrier or moodier these days. In fact, it’s just the opposite. All that’s happened is that I’ve given up on trying to find a way to use unwanted media as a form of entertainment. (It still was worth a try.) A walk to the car isn’t the best time to try and analyze my mood or disposition, so you’ll probably always get a bad read from it.

Here’s what I think some of you might be missing… I’m enjoying off time right now. That means I’m not really playing any shows as I concentrate on making the next album. Traditionally that would mean that you never see me at all, and my absence makes your hearts grow fonder, and then I appear again with my next collection of work and we all get grooving again. Things have changed a bit, and the decision to slide on and off your radar isn’t so much my own anymore. But I’m too young to stomp my feet about it. All I can do is concentrate on keeping my heart and soul correct and then redecorate around it.

So the life you see in pictures of me might not resemble the one you saw when you first picked up my music, but I’d be willing to bet your life looks different since then, too. All that matters is that the evolution of being a person stays correct, and I think when you hear the next album you won’t regret a thing…because I sure haven’t.

And I get it… I don’t apologize for a lick of it, but I get it… I just think sometimes in the middle of all the gossip madness you just need to hear my voice to let you know that I’m still here. So here I am. Well, not “me” me. I’m dictating this to my assistant Rolando while I enjoy an invigorating Watsu massage. And maybe from now on I’ll give you some more updates so that you don’t feel as if I’ve disappeared and been replaced with a robotic clone, like in that movie The Last Starfighter, though if I had been, I’d want you to know that I’m very happy where I am defending the great planet of Rylos, long may she prosper.

Sorry. Sorry. Where was I?

I think that covers it, just a quick check-in… Hope you’re all well and as excited about the future as I am. I’m looking forward to the show on December 6.

Catch up again soon…

Glad that John is posting again.  No mention of someone, just him.-Dr.FB



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