We were just sent this:

Prince did an interview with the New Yorker recently and it is CHOCK full of misquotes!!

The reporter was not allowed to use a tape recorder, and so paraphrased nearly everything.

We are told the parts about religion are especially misquoted.

Prince never said “God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever and he just cleared it it out. He was like ‘enough'”. Those are the WRITERS words, not Prince’s.

Next time, there will be a tape recorder. (Eye roll)

We want to thank Prince’s people for clearing that up.-Dr.FB



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  • AgnesNY696
    Posted at 21:44h, 09 December

    OMG…1st of all, Boycott…I’m with you and I totally agree with most of what you’ve said, but…man…calm down. There’s life besides Prince. He is not the be all end all.
    And April….you either 1) need to find a life 2) take some kind of daily medication or 3) are 13 years old.
    I can picture him saying that sticking it wherever sentence and then being embarrassed after the fact and trying to go back and say it was a misquote…I would…..but either way, who cares??? I’ll just go on listening and dancing to my Prince oldies, reminisce about JoeyandBoss ; ) while he’s knocking on doors preaching and eating his carrot soup. That’s the Prince I’ll hold onto.

  • AprilReigns
    Posted at 20:38h, 01 December

    mmm from Prince’s own lips…that visual made me stop paying attention to the rant. In my mind it’s simple. Music is the voice of Source/Great Spirit/Godhead/One Energy/Unifying Force what ever you want to call a concept that is beyond the laws of this space and time. Religions are institutions that enforce the laws of man by using acceptance and companionship as the carrot and fear of supernatural retaliation as the stick. They are tools used to control, to instill fear, to extrude obedience and money. ProFITeers restrict people with laws and belittle them with shame and judgment. The unadulterated mission of the prophets of every era of every doctrine has simple been to encourage people to have love for one another, end of story. (Most religious people read/listen/sing between the lines accept what makes sense and have full happy lives) Pure honest love. Just love. Only our spatial selves are separate for a heart beat in time. Our true selves will always be one. It is our spatial selves that get to complicate things and embrace fear and agonize about being separate. When we can witness things from the point of view of our true selves and realize that our spatial self is just going through some crap right now life is much more fun. I think that is what witness was originally referring to, I bet it had nothing to do with knocking on doors (of course if Prince knocked on my door…). I bet it had everything to do with getting to a point in your own personal development where you can witness the world from your true self the eternal part of you that is one with all else. From your true self that is one with all you could calmly sit back a witness the interactions of the part of you that has been sent here to grow, experience and explore the timebound and spacebound aspects of being. Prince has never stagnated in any one spot for long he is always experiencing, growing and making music. He does not owe us an explaination or anything else for that matter. I decided I loved him when I was a little girl and I will stand by that decision no matter what (sorry I can’t join your boycott – but I sympathize with your pain and I understand your longing to see him speaking out for the right to live completely free)

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  • PurpleTrekkie
    Posted at 14:12h, 19 November

    Dear Prince: Fan’s Response 2 the New Yorker interview

    As much as we love him/his musical genius, many of us aren’t so high on the purple kool-aid to not know that Prince has said and done some bizarre–or even messed up–things over the years… If what the reporter in the “New Yorker” magazine interview has quoted him as saying is true… he could lose a huge part of his fan base — and income.

    I’d like to invite you to read an open letter to Prince from one of the fans who would like (and, I think, deserves) an explanation… some clarification on what he actually, truly said that day to the reporter. Not from his “people,” but from Prince’s own lips.

    Pass it on if you like.. 🙂
    ~ PT

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