New Yorker

Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen, Prince & The Ex

In the most interesting six degrees of seperation, or in this case, 3, Perez Hilton has added more fuel to the already smoldering  Gay Marriage issue. Just recently, this huge ongoing debate has raised eyebrows with all celebs as it comes to equal rights.  Speaking of gays, talk show host Ellen had bisexual or confused […]

Prince Is Everywhere

Prince has been all over recently. For good and bad.  The bad first.  From being heavily misquoted in the New Yorker to a lawsuit from Revelations, the perfume maker of the 3121 fragrance, which Universal Music has already said the lawsuit is without merit. Also, he has been all over in good ways.  A cartoon Prince was […]


We were just sent this: Prince did an interview with the New Yorker recently and it is CHOCK full of misquotes!! The reporter was not allowed to use a tape recorder, and so paraphrased nearly everything. We are told the parts about religion are especially misquoted. Prince never said “God came to earth and saw […]