Prince’s Ex-Wife Manuela Testollini Caught In Terrorist Attack In India

Taj Motel Shortly After The Attacks. Photo: Reuters

We got word of this about 6 hours ago but until we knew she was safe, I could not post it.

Manuela Testolini witnessed a terrorist attack in india earlier today and thanks to the people she was with, she was able to escape harm. She contacted friends n family thru email and later was able to call cnn from her cell.

Right now, she is safe but not sound. She and her friends are asking for your prayers right now.

We will have exclusive updates on this horrible situation when we know she is 100 percent out of harms way.

We appreciate the contact that has been made to docFB and will get the word out.

They are asking right now to keep her and everyone else caught in this in your thoughts and prayers.-Dr.FB

Update: I almost posted a photo of Manuela taken yesterday but thought better of it til we know 100 percent she is back here in the U.S., that would not be smart.




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