CNN Apologizes For Playing Pink’s “Stupid Girl” Before Sarah Palin Chick-Fil-A Story

LOL! Was this just a coincidence of having a bumper song for a story or was there actual intent on CNN to be funny and not let "The Daily Show" have all the fun?

Before a story of Sarah Palin at a Chick-Fil-A over the weekend where she tweeted photos to show her support of the fast food's restaurant on Gay Marriage, CNN played "Stupid Girl" by Pink.

The network has since apologized for using the song and says there was no intent by it. Intent or not, we hope CNN uses "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) for Mitt Romney soon!

What do you guys think? Intentional or accident?-DocFB


Exclusive! Lenny Kravitz & Jay Z Collaborate For “Boongie Drop” On Lenny’s New CD

Lenny Kravitz & Jay Z. Photo: Mathieu Bitton
Lenny Kravitz & Jay Z. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Lenny Kravitz & Jay Z. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Lenny Kravitz's new CD "Black & White America" will bring forth another collaboration with Jay Z.  Get Ready to funked by the song "Boongie Drop" coming soon!

Lenny Kravitz did an interview with CNN recently that you can read HERE!

We are getting really excited for "Black & White America" and having a track with Jay Z elevates that excitement 10 fold.

Thanks to Lenny & Mathieu for sharing this with us before anywhere else.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Crazy Funky Team-Up


We Remember Michael Jackson Today & Everyday: Share Your Thoughts

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Early 80's File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

It has been 2 years since Michael Jackson died.  2 years since the entertainment world was rocked to its core.  Michael Jackson, the biggest entertainer of all time, dead.

TMZ.com broke the story but because of most of its content, people did not believe it.  CNN.com took hours to confirm his death.  By the end of the day, CNN.com was not longer the most trusted name in news, but TMZ.com was.

Michael Jackson CD's sales skyrocketed.  His death, made a circus as it took forever to bury him.  Hoe many people have a funeral service at the Staple Center and still is not buried for weeks later?

Please share your thoughts and memories on this post.  You can leave the email part of it blank, it will still accept your comment.

Here is the Howie T. remix of "Human Nature" for your listening pleasure.-Dr.FB

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Diagnosis:  Celebrate his life, don't mourn


Behind The Scenes Of Maroon 5’s “Misery” Video

Adam Levine and the boys of Maroon 5 talk about working on the new video "Misery" and working with legendary producer Mutt Lange.

"Love the quote that if you don't love our music, it's fine but it still hurts."

Adam jokes that they wish "Radiohead would stop ripping them off!"

Check out the footage above and the full video below.-Dr.FB


A Preview Of Lady Gaga On Larry King Live

Lady Gaga is going to appear on Larry King Live tonight, but it's not really live, as the Gaga interview was pre-recorded.

Here are 2 clips from the show where Gaga discusses her health and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to serving your country and Michael Jackson.  A schmorgesborg of topics eh?

I will be recording it but of super importance to watch it as quickly as I would if it was a performance by her.-Dr.FB


CNN Denies Our Report Of Elizabeth Taylor In Hospital

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com
Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: VirginMedia.com

You know I am loving this.  So, I sent our exclusive story of Elizabeth Taylor being admitted to the hospital to several news outlets including CNN. 

Within 20 minutes of sending it in, the CNN entertainment correspondent was debunking it and saying he already talked with someone saying it is false.  Wow.  He must have been in the room or something. 

The article states that they have a "source", so never mind I have "sources" confirming the story. 

It also says that Liz usually Twitters to debunk rumors.  So let me point out, she hasn't twittered to debunk the "rumor" because where she is at, she does not have access to a cell phone. 

It also says the Liz is packing to go to Europe.  Let's be real here: Liz hasn't packed her own luggage since the 1950's babe, so that story just doesn't fly.  Never mind that she used the same story when Michael Jackson passed away. 

I find it interesting also that the first comment left on the article confirms our story.

In a few days, we will see that Liz was in the hospital.  Since the media has missed her checking in, the only thing they can do now is catch her leaving.  

Keep in mind, CNN was the LAST to confirm Michael Jackson's death.  Just saying.  Who do you trust?  CNN or the Good Doctor?-Dr.FB


Video~ Carrie Prejean Loses It With Larry King

We stopped caring about this woman about 6 months ago, but all it takes is a lawsuit and a solo sex tape to make us care about her again. Last night, she refused to answer the question about the solo sex tape, one of the reasons why anyone was even watching.

Check out the madness.-Dr.FB