Katy Perry & Russell Brand Are Married!

Russell Brand & Katy Perry. Photo:

They really did it!  Russell Brand & Katy Perry were married in India earlier today.   They married at a resort and had a Hindu ceremony which means no white wedding for Katy but Indian garb instead. Congrats to you both.  Wish you nothing but success!-Dr.FB

Russell & Katy Get Some New York Lovin’ On

Russell Brand & Katy Perry.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry got their mid-afternoon public kiss on in New York yesterday where they were reportedly looking for an apartment together.  The couple, who are going to marry later this year in India, looked happy to on-lookers, but I must admit…I still don’t like them together. Kind of makes me throw-up in […]

A Taste Of India

Meh.  The world’s most unique couple have been travelling the world and made a stop in India together, where I am sure Russell fit right in. That’s right, Russell Brand & Kary Perry are still together.  They are being romantically cheesy as they stopped by the Taj Mahal and Katy tweeted Russell built this for […]

No. 9 The Mumbai Attacks

The day before Thanksgiving, a vicious terrorist attack happened in Mumbai, India. The targets?  Americans. One woman who was there on business and with two non-American business partners, herself Canadian, made a break from the terrorists, thru the kitchen and then out to a house where here and others were safe, but not sound.  The […]

Demi Lovato Performs National Anthem At Dallas Cowboys Game

She did a good job.  The Cowboy fans were very loud for her in a positive way.  Will they be that way for the Jonas Brothers at half-time? Right now, my thoughts are with all in India right now, but going to watch the game.  Very sad situation.-Dr.FB