John Mayer Covers Prince’s Little Red Corvette. Listen Now!

John Mayer opened his acoustic charity show at the Nokia Theatre tonight performing "Little Red Corvette" by the one n only Prince.  John is a huge, huge fan.

Nokia Theatre is a great place for an acoustic concert n sounds good streaming soundboard feed and if you go there RIGHT NOW, you can listen to the concert from start to finish, which means you would hear his version of Little Red Corvette!

Johnmayer.com  It sounds really great right now.-Dr.FB

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  1. Just recently discovering Mr. Meyer. Beautiful version…I usually don’t like when people remake Prince songs. But this one is xxcelent

  2. “….He’s very smart. Good Stuff!…”

    I know.. Amazing isnt he.!!! That’s what I love about him.

  3. I like the feel of it and how it sort of sounds like a ticking clock–mixed with those lyrics…yeah i dig that (& it’s a great song to begin with). He’s very smart. Good Stuff!

  4. That sound hella cool. John is a great musician and one of the best songs of all time.

    I dislike John sometimes as a person but that version almost makes up for it.

  5. Oh yeah!! I was soooooooooo so waiting for this to happen!! I have the biggest smile ever on my face right now. Love John! :)

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