Is Tom Cruise Coming Back To Us?

Tom Cruise, Are You There?  Photo:

Tom Cruise, Are You There? Photo:

Tom Cruise has been making appearances for his new movie “Valkyrie” and has been looking kind of normal.

Ahh, here we go where you all think I am attacking Tom.  Listen, before Tom started jumping on couches, before professing crazy love for Katie Holmes, before attacking Brooke Shields for taking drugs for post-partum depression and getting into an argument with Matt Lauer, Tom Cruise was the man of Hollywood.

From Risky Business, Rain Man, Cocktails, The Firm, A Few Good Men, and Jerry Macguire, you just could not touch him.  Then, he made Scientology his career to spread the message of L. Ron Hubbard.  In the past few days, Tom has been looking and coming off as more normal with conversations and even apologizing to Matt on the Today show yesterday. 

You can’t attack someone for religious beliefs and I have not attacked Tom for that before.  What I have went off on before is when you tell someone what they should believe in and do.  You can call Tom weird.  Heck, you can call me weird.  I sure am.  The difference is not to come off as a kook.  I just want Tom to be talked about for movie roles and not for what he is doing or preaching. 

“Valkyrie” may not be his return to box office prominence, but he is making the most of it’s public appearances.-Dr.FB



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