Matt Lauer

Chris Brown Talks Rihanna On Today Show; Apologizes Again

Although his new album is called “X” he is promoting it like it is the “Apologies” album. This time, stopping by the Today show with Matt Lauer to talk about what he did to Rihanna and how sorry he is. He also talked about wanting the new album to be like a Quincy Jones production […]

Does Kanye West Care About White People?

Title grab your attention?  Good.  It’s interesting that Kanye West was back in the headlines for a comment he made years ago about George Bush. Kanye’s reaction after they played Bush’s face of him saying he did not appreciate it when Kanye said “George Bush does not care about white people” and Kanye did not […]

Alec Baldwin To Retire After 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin says when his contract in 2012 ends on 30 Rock, he is done. Retired. Alec is still pissed at the voicemail incident from 2 years ago where mainstream media went tabloid in his book. This was brought up in a Playboy interview hitting stands this week. From Matt Lauer doing an interview with […]

President Obama To Do 1st U.S. Interview At Super Bowl

NBC will have the first U.S.  interview with President Barack Obama during the Super Bowl pre-game show. Obama’s first interview went to an Arabic network that aired today. The interview will be done with Matt Lauer, who was recently scooped by Katie Couric and 60 Minutes with the interview of Captain Sullenberger of the Miracle on […]

Katie Couric Scoops Today Show On Hero Pilot Interview

 Chalk one up for the girl reporter.  The Today show a few weeks ago said they were going to have the first interview with the Hero pilot, Capt. Chelsey Sullenberger.  Matt Lauer even said it a few times on the show they would have the exclusive.  The interview never happened.  Now we know why! Katie […]