Even MORE New Music From….PRINCE!


We would never mislead you. 

Here is the full version of "(There'll Never Be) Another Like Me" w/Vocals.

Those who said it wasn't Prince, where you at? ;) -Dr.FB

Update: It has been removed. Hope you enjoyed it while it was up.

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  1. Hey Dr. Funkenberry

    i found another one.

    DFB, J

  2. It’s Baaa-ck.

    & it’s still Baaa-d.

    Lord, let me quit trippin’. lol

  3. It was purrrrrect fun! The music’s as sexy as the man himself & he deserves the biggest THANKYOU!
    I’m really glad to see he’s not scared of using the web
    Hope he comes to the UK to perform these songs!
    Colonised mind is my favourite.

  4. aaahaaahhh I just heard 4ever for the first time!! Its beautiful! Some girl is soooooo lucky! “eternity is just a kiss away” wow wow!! I mean somewhere hear on earth is one of my favorite songs ever but 4ever i just could listen to over and over. I can’t wait to go out an get this album! that you so much! again I love you Prince! (is that our funky JB on the drums?)

  5. one of my deep purple dreams came true with this listening…i i ican’t even type straight Prince did the part of wild thang I always wanted to here him sing….i’m shaking it was awesome! thank you so much for the new music Prince. I love you! I know you here that all the time but that doesn’t make it any less true. You are so important to so many of us, thank you so much for all you do!

  6. Hey Prince —
    I think you need a hot girl to do your A and R :)

  7. It’s gone and I want to hear it AGAIN!

  8. Like I said before….A Pinball in a Pinball machine.
    ….& that’s before I even heard the lyrics.
    I’m sorry y’all I just can’t resist………


    2 Funky.


    Wonderful new songs. I think doing this will really help:

    Colonized Mind – first single for the UK. Send it to NME Radio and/or X-FM. The UK will really respond to this.

    Crimson & Clover – first single for the rest of Europe. This will be huge in Norway, Germany, France.

    Wall of Berlin – second single for the UK. after Colonized Mind has done some good time. Wall of Berlin is the perfect follow up for the UK crowd. The rest of Europe will also respond well to this as a second single to Crimson & Clover.

    Do this, and watch the ripple effect :)

  10. Aaawww still can’t listen to this. Well maybe next time

  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    How could I have any doubts??????
    SORRY DR.!!!
    If you’re ever visit Berlin,
    call me I take u 2 the rest of the BERLIN WALL!!!

    ~~~~~LOVE THIS N.E.W.SONGS~~~~~~
    !!!!!!!!!PRINCE ROCKS!!! Go AHEAD LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for the new music man, but this song lacks fire and inspiration. Full version does sound better but I agree with above post that it still falls a little flat. The rock tunes are straight fire!

  13. All those people who didn’t believe it was Prince are sho nuff eating crow aren’t they LOL!!!! I dig the track. I prefer the 4 songs played on 103.1 in L.A. but it’s still a very good track that I can see growing on me. Prince ROCKS!!!!!!!


  15. Ohhhhhh…. Thanks again, Prince!!!!! The full version is much better, though still flat a bit:-)

  16. Why do they ever doubt you? I am loving this day.

  17. My head is reeling w/ all the new material….keep it comin’!!!

    “What U waitin’ for, what u waitin’ for???”

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