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Here Comes....Bria Valente

Here Comes....Bria Valente


Here I Come by Bria Valente.

Who that be on guitar?  

Do you see that pimpin' car?

Yeesh!   Thoughts?-Dr.FB

P.S. this track should work with IE now.

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  1. I think Prince found a new channel and I’m diggin it! Love the sound. Keep pumping this style out Prince…lovin it and noone else is doing it well anymore.

  2. I notice the differences in the new version, Thanx Dr. FB.

  3. I’m diggin the tune.

  4. Great lyrics….that’s exactly how it is. lol
    Did she write this?
    That’s a cool song. I like it.

  5. She’s a minx!
    And it’s a nice song.

  6. i remember this 4rm a year ago. It has that sexy Prince layed back sound. She sounds kind of like Chante Moore

  7. Hmmm…..

  8. I’m digging this! I liked Another Boy, but the production is stepped up a notch on this one. Should be released on iTunes.


  10. Yeah!! I still love this ;). Thanks

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