Check it out NOW!!!

yes, it's an official site. there will be banners to share at some point soon too.

peace- Dr.FB

(Thanks to the person who sent this in.)

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  1. He is the absolute best. Love ya, brother.

  2. Anyone know who or what agency does work for prince and his websites? This one appears to have a lot of potential for sure.

  3. This is very exciting news.

    But here’s two cents on some of the tracks so far:

    ‘4ever’ is a wack song, wack lyrics, and wack vocal delivery. Musically it’s ok.
    ‘There’ll Never B’ is a third rate jam, man – what is he talking about?, geez……….

    However, the other 3 tracks are really good, great compositions, funky, fresh and raw. Some of the best work since TRC and TGE. Very excited about the direction he is taking with those sounds!

  4. Nice props to the hometown! Thanks for keeping us cool, without you, we’d just be a frozen tundra noone ever heard of.

  5. its like a sweet deep drink of water when your soul is cracked and peeling from thirst. It’s home… a sanctuary for new age funkyness. Such magic springs from only one well. Thank you Prince we love and cherish you!

  6. its looking good so far. and the one thing id love to see is to just hope that live shows wil be avalible for downlode shortly after hapaning much like smashing pumpkins and pearl jam do

  7. Thank You Prince!!!!! Thank You so much from my soul 4 all the music and the new music to come. I feel excited for you. The site looks great so far.

  8. The site preview is intriguing. But, who is the Prince chap, again?

  9. That’s very cool, he must be getting ready for some BIG things!

  10. “Buy music, concert tickets, and more”


    PRINCE esperamos verte pronto. GRACIAS.


    Paz y Amor


  12. 2dy is me & the mrs. Wedding anniversary, I willconsider this a anniversary gift & considerin’ she woke me up @ 2am 2 tell me this. Thanx Dr. FB & TheDancElectric (wife) 4 the headz up :0)

  13. He’s just sooooooooooo bad!! haha Do it your way, like you know how..Booboo. Much love.

  14. Wow. I am so excited, but now I really need to get some sleep. Thank you Prince, and thank you DrFB. 2009 is looking mighty good!

  15. I just checked out the site and it ROCKS!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what Prince does with this site. I hope he makes other music sites look lame! Do your thang Prince!!!! We support u!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thank u Prince 4 All ….i wait like a child the 3 new albums…hope u will come in Paris France 4 an unforgettable concert !

  17. Mystical, magical, musical. Thx, Prince.

  18. The site looks extremely sexy so far.
    Prince has such a nice mouth,
    and I’m loving the new songs and really looking forward to hearing the others,
    and a concert near me would be so good.
    He has to make my dreams come true for 2009 and shine some funk in the UK!

  19. Thanx Prince 4 sending in the link. I cannot wait 4 the site. I have been feenin’ for some new material.

  20. it’s beauitful….i just want 2 dive n.

  21. Thank u Prince…Finally my thirst is quenched

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