Gisele: Tom Brady & I Not Engaged

Gisele & Tom Brady.  File Photo

Gisele & Tom Brady. File Photo

After the Christmas Eve story of  Tom Brady proposing to Gisele Bundchen, we did not think it was true and stood by the story.

About 2 weeks ago, confirmed that Tom and Gisele were now engaged.  We still did not confirm it.  People never gets the story wrong though.

Gisele in a new interview says she is NOT engaged. 

“I don’t know how people are so creative.  First they said he proposed to me in a plane. Imagine, it was Dec. 24, Christmas, we were flying to Boston, then there was some champagne and we celebrated the date.

“Ready? Someone deduced I was getting engaged! I received more than 100 e-mails from friends commenting about the proposal. Now there’s a new rumor, that he proposed to me on last Friday [sic]. I wasn’t even there, how can that be true?”

The quote is from the  Brazilian magazine Caras.-Dr.FB




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