We Ask: Myspace or Facebook?

MySpace Or FaceBook?

MySpace Or FaceBook?

We want to know which network Drfunkenberry.com readers use or like more; Myspace or Facebook?

I am leaning more towards Facebook as I can send and see updates from my Funkenberry.  I do like on myspace a lot of stuff, however, with so many things being posted on people's pages and music starting up, it becomes frustrating. 

So please tell us, Do you myspace or facebook?-Dr.FB

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  1. I have a Myspace.com account and FaceBook account but I like MS.com better.

  2. The ‘Book of Face’ all the way!

  3. I actually use both. I used to use MySpace more, until I discovered facebook, and currently, I am on facebook a whole lot more than myspace because more of my past and present friends are on there. And I like the word games on facebook. And FB is not so jumbled and full of requests from freak stalkers. I have found plenty of funky people both places to keep me satisfied, but I like FB better at the moment. And my music playlist kept getting deleted on myspace, dangit!

  4. i have a profile on both but prefer Facebook

  5. Facebook! It’s more mature and organized.

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