Breaking News! Chris Brown Surrenders To Police; Turns Himself In

Chris Brown File Photo
Chris Brown File Photo

Chris Brown File Photo

Chris Brown turned himself in around 6:30 P.M. at a police station in L.A.  Within the hour, he has been booked and bail was set at $50,000 which is about a dollar bill to the rest of us. 

Police are still refusing to identify the woman in all this, that we are all but certain is Rihanna.  More news as it comes out...Dr.FB

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  2. leave rihanna alone you monster i cant belive chris brown did that hes mad and does not belong in this world. evil he is, a girl like that with all the looks and voices bieng distroyed is happening/already happend and nothing is getting done about it is just discracefull.i say that chris brown should ent stand a chance walking out of from at least afer 14 years including a bill ove thousends of pounds. poor rihanna.rihanna im not a big fan of yours but i feel so sorry for you. i have never seen/ heard of so much tragedy in my life. now that i said that i think chris brown can lets just say never be trusted again. not after that ihope any way. so sorry but its true MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE

  3. OMG! Wow this is madness!

  4. Ike Turner 2.0

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