Dancing With The “Stars” Used Lightly This Season

Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars

The Dancing With The "Stars" line-up is.................


Jewel & her husband Ty Murray, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Chuck Wicks , Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, Lawrence Taylor, Lil' Kim, Belinda Carlisle, David Alan Grier, Gilles Marini, Jackass's Steve-O, Entertainment reporter Nancy O'Dell, and last and certainly least Denise Richards. 

What, no Donnie Osmond?  Wow.  It must have taken them all....of an hour to put this line-up together.  Yeesh!-Dr.FB

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  1. Well this is going to be interesting. They definately got C and D list stars on this round of DWTS. Like with every season, I will be watching it faithfully. DWTS is the bomb!

  2. Jackass’s Steve O(MG)!

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