Denise Richards

Denise Richards Wants You To Look Into Her Eyes

Oh Hot Hell! What is wrong with this picture?  Is it the orange toned skin, the massive hair extensions or the “I just got high” eyes? Denise arrived at CBS Studios in Los  Angeles  for a taping of the “Early Show”. I hope this “orange zombie” look is for the studio lighting.

She’s Back & Still Complicated

After the show being cancelled 3 times, Ryan Seacrest must have some serious pull with E! as Denise Richards is still complicated and still has a show. It seems at least from this preview that she is not showing her kids that much, which may just help her. I can’t believe I am saying it, […]

Perez Hilton On Gay Marriage: He Is Right!

If you have not heard about the Miss USA Gay Marriage question from Perez Hilton this week, you are either dead, under a rock, or getting boned again by Marilyn Manson. The question asked by Perez pertained if same sex marriage should be allowed. You knew as soon as she started talking about opposite marriage, that […]

Denise Richards Exits Dancing With The Stars

Who the heck picked Denise Richards to make it to the final four of Dancing With The Stars?  Shoot, the only way that would happen is if injuries kept happening to all of it’s stars like it has..sans Denise. Hmm.  That is interesting.  Well, it doesn’t matter now as Denise has been eliminated.  You have […]

Dancing With The “Stars” Used Lightly This Season

The Dancing With The “Stars” line-up is……………..   Jewel & her husband Ty Murray, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Chuck Wicks , Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson, Lawrence Taylor, Lil’ Kim, Belinda Carlisle, David Alan Grier, Gilles Marini, Jackass’s Steve-O, Entertainment reporter Nancy O’Dell, and last and certainly least Denise Richards.  What, no Donnie Osmond?  Wow.  […]