Flight 1549 “Miracle on the Hudson” Crew on Letterman Tonight

Letterman Splashdown Pilot Flight 1549 Crew/ AP Photo

Letterman Splashdown Pilot Flight 1549 Crew/ AP Photo

From Late Show CBS:

The Crew of US Airways “Miracle On The Hudson” Flight 1549
Vists LATE SHOW On Tuesday, February 10th

Making their first late-night television talk show appearance since the accident, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles, and flight attendants Donna DentDoreen Welsh and Sheila Dail will join Dave to talk about their harrowing and heroic experience. 

Moments after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport, Capt. Chesley and his crew were faced with an emergency situation when Capt. Sullenberger reported a ‘double bird strike’ over the Bronx, resulting in a loss of power in both engines. Without enough time to return to LaGuardia, Capt. Sullenberger and his crew managed to land the Airbus A320 smoothly in the icy waters of the Hudson and, with the help of New York City emergency services, rescued all 155 passengers on board. It is believed that the plane hit a flock of birds after it left LaGuardia, and the National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its investigation into the incident. 

Don’t miss this special LATE SHOW on Tuesday, February 10th. 

Late Show with David Letterman airs 11:30pm ET/PST



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  • Carrie
    Posted at 04:01h, 11 February

    Why is it that flight attendant Doreen Welsh has such a negative attitude in her interviews? Every interview I see with her she seems angry about the whole thing, stating that she had the misfortune of being in the back of the plane with the problem passengers. That her experience was so much more terrible than for the others. The fact that she is alive and at best not paralyzed is more than enough to make one grateful for having nothing more than a leg wound. My God! How can anyone complain about any non life threatening injury when you can walk away from a crash landing? All I’ve heard her do is complain about the passengers in the back of the plane being “rowdy” because they were making cell calls, and about the woman who bulldozed past her to open the door. Does she not realize that everyone reacts differently when faced with the very real fact that you are most likely going to die? It’s called PANIC and we all handle it differently. I can understand why people were making cell calls to loved ones thinking this was their final goodbye, and I can see why anyone might panic and try to open the back door without instruction. Look what happened to the people in the World Trade Center who waited inside for instructions before evacuating….they perished! Maybe this woman felt just that…that if she waited to escape or open the door it might be too late for them too….like maybe the plane would immediately sink with everyone in it, like in a car (they tell you if you car goes into the water to roll down the windows, so since you can’t do that on a plane maybe she wanted to open the door to get out before it was too late) or maybe the plane would explode and they only had minutes to spare and she wanted to get away from the plane. Some people even jumped in the water to swim away and I can see why. Any of us would do things differently…we never know how we might react in this situation. You never know what the best thing to do is…sometimes if you snooze you lose, or if you act too hastily then you get yourself in a mess, so there’s no way to tell what the best thing to do is until after. Hindsight is always 20/20 so of course it’s much easier to blame the woman who opened the back door now that we know all of the facts…that the plane was in water and this allowed water to come in. To blame her though like she is a bad person is uncalled for. I did not like her comment on Letterman that she threw the woman aside and that this was something she has wanted to do for 38 years–maybe she should permanently decide not to put back on her uniform and consider a career change or retirement because it really doesn’t seem like she enjoys this job even without a crash landing. All of these things that her passengers were doing are reasonable things that anyone might do in the midst of such a terrifying situation, and I think this flight attendant needs to stop blaming or complaining about “her passengers” in the back of the plane or “her experience” compared to others and just be grateful for having such an amazing pilot that saved her and everyone’s life, and try to be a little more understanding about why certain people may have behaved the way they did in this situation. Considering everything I think the passengers of this flight were remarkably calm and cooperative….all of them.

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