Prince, Show Us The $……

Will The $ Be Shared?  Do We need A Stimulus Package?

Will The $ Be Shared?  Do We need A Stimulus Package?


Having a hard time finding the "leak" of $? 

So are we.

Prince, if it is out there, why don't YOU show us the $?   ;-)


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  1. Speaking for myself.
    My first experience of Prince was in 1980 when I was just 11 yrs old, over the years with my small amount of maturity (LOL) I have learnt that you can’t beat a man who can tease, tantalize & titillate. The more he dominates, the more wilfully submissive this little slave becomes! :-)

  2. “..this story leakage on his new song $ that no fan was taken seriously!…”

    So you’re speaking for EVERYONE now!? Cause you’re not speaking for me too.

  3. tick tock…..
    I have to wait this out just like everyone else….

  4. 2 DrFunkenberry?

    No sir this was not me sorry, i’m not an insider, u know more than me on this one a , but what i know from a little fan like me .
    Prince becomes predictable and boring to some fans, he treats them with contempt (closure of HQ) and this is not a good game, and I think he loves manipulating its base and also you with this story leakage on his new song $ that no fan was taken seriously!

    Peace 2 U SIR!

  5. ^^^ LOL!

    I’m not stressing out over something that’s beyond my control. I’ll hear the song when it’s time to hear it.

  6. ^^Weren’t you the same person who swore in November when we said something was coming saidthe only thing coming in 2009 from Prince was a Bria Valente cd? Yup, you know what you are talking about. :)

  7. All this game Mr DRFunkenberry is a waste of time 4 u & all !!!

  8. All good things come to those who wait…. :-)

  9. Are you for real Doc?

    There is no leak apparently :-)

  10. I posted this because….I want to know the answer to the ? of $ is all, just like it seems like you all do as well.

    Can’t win.

    No advice needed or wanted. Hate me now. Hate me tomorrow….

  11. The lame and desperate self promotion of Prince here continues …

  12. Waiting for the moneyshot…

  13. Oh, its boring….

  14. hahaha all these people all excited hahaha.. oh boy. Much love for Prince

  15. Hmmm I still think it’s weird.. :S
    Now another message from Dr. FB… I want to hear it it’s really out there, but nobody has found it…

  16. I wonder… Is it Love or $ that he wants in return?
    Is it possible to send the song to everyone who signed up at LotusFlow3r.com thru an e-mail? How about a B-side. We can keep up with music, just let us have access to it…..
    Warners knew how to market an album at least.

  17. Please Prince. Show us the $ .

    Please open your web site too. I have had ENOUGH at those other sites.

  18. I hope we will see the $ today

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