Prince’s Oscar Party Show Will Be At…

Prince's Oscar Party Show will be at Bardot, technically the  Avalon club part of the place.

$100 bux a ticket.

800 capacity (but after the celebs who knows how many).

Ticket info coming soon on where you will be purchasing, most likely at the door.

More info on its way.-Dr.FB

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  1. well Dr this is quite exciting news…can u see if my name is on the guest list, I was expecting an invitation in the mail, but it has not arrived yet ;)

  2. Hopefully another option will be added for purchase other than just at the door. (lotusflow3r anyone??). Thanks for the updates and comments drfunkenberry!

  3. What a tease…I all the way in ChiTown!!! Oh well, again…U guys enjoy and rock ‘da house 4 me! Dr FB.. I really appreciate U responding 2 all of the ?’s and folks listen 2 the Dr…it doesn’t sound like it’s going to b an easy task 4 us “fans’ 2 attend this bash! I would only try 2 attend, if I lived in or near LA :)

  4. As soon as we have more details, you will have more details. Right now, the only option is the door.

  5. Anymore news on ticket sales or is it definately at the door sales only?

  6. ^^ Same club. It’s the Avalon but they wanted to mention it was Bardot as well because it is the hot hang-out right now, which is above Avalon.

  7. Is the party at 2 different places Bardot/Bardeoux and at the Avalon club? or is this the same club with diff. rooms?

  8. Yay for LA fans!!!! Have fun!

  9. Prince’s will be starting the latest. Celebs usually hit up more than more party.

    Talking with a tv entertainment reporter right now, will have more deets soon.

  10. wish i could go very tempted to hope on a flight but its to bigger risk tbh looking forward to hearing some awesome reports

  11. PARIS if your out there let me see you dance

    dance with me

  12. I hope a huge majority of the fans get in. I am just letting you know how it will be played is all.

  13. ^^ Since a PR company is handiling it, any person belonging to that PR firm could attend. Don’t think the A list cool ones, think the lame ones like Paris Hilton. ;-/

  14. Hope he gives us a chance to buy tix thru his website. C’mon Lotus Flower send me an email!

  15. Prince and fans alike. Have FUN! :)

  16. You all think celebs will have to pay?

    Come on now! That is what I mean from 800 spots split with what celebs rsvp.

    Special guests? We know the funky one from mpls is enuff but….

  17. Not a bad price really. At least it’s under $300 bucks. Have fun LA fans, look forward to reading your reports.

  18. I’m bout to be on my way!!!!!!!

  19. I was there in ’88 for a Lovesexy aftershow when it was the Hollywood Palace. Awesome show, the floor was packed beyond limits. you could not even raise your arms. Maybe they won’t over pack it! It was $35 back then. Be prepared to stand for hours. But it’s worth IT!!!

  20. @Josh: YES!!!

  21. Good lawd! I’m in SF. Do i get in my car now?

  22. I will b there 4 sure! (heart pounding, palms sweating…)

  23. I’m already stressed, LOL

  24. now where did I put my plane ticket…

  25. The price is right, but will my timing b the same???

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