Question: Are You Banning Or Deleting Chris Brown From Your Playlists???

Just a curious question out there to you all;

Are you deleting Chris Brown from your play list or listening to his music?

Are not allowing your son or daughter to listen to his stuff or taking it away from them?

Just curious about these things and your thoughts on them.-Dr.FB

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  1. Deranged sense of humor eh?

  2. i definitely will never stop liking chris. he is so sexy n the fact that hes a choker is even more of a turn on. he can beat me any day and she probably did something to deserve it

  3. My 2 cent. I’m not going to sit idle while some dude kicks my ass and I’m not going to let a woman just whoop my ass either. Perhaps Chris Brown went over-the-top unprovoked. Perhaps not. I know one thing, women today are just as aggressive as men. And if anyone punches me in the mouth, eye, or jaw or steps to me swinging with intention to whoop my ass then it’s on. Man, woman, or teenaged punk I’m not taking NO ass whoopings, period. With that said, A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman & equally a woman should NEVER put her hands on a man. Everyone rushes to Rhianna’s defense but who really knows what went down. I can speak from experience. I’ve lived thru a relationship with a woman who was the physical abuser. When the relationship ended she lied and told everyone I physically abused her. Who do you think everyone believed? I lost a lot of so-called friends and she had me kicked out of every establishment where we both attended together. So yes! Most of the times I agree there are two sides to every story.

  4. Never was a CB fan, couldn’t really understand it, but I guess most of his fan base is and was female. I’m just shocked that he would choose to go there on Rihanna. Where did he get the mindset that going there for even a minute was justified? That is the disturbing part about this whole incident. But people will forgive and forget, I mean the whole R. Kelly thing and he releases more music and it’s cool. Janet exposed for a second, that no one actually saw on TV, her breast and her career was done. I mean come on what is up with society at large.

  5. I’m not a Chris Brown fan so I don’t own any of his music, even though I like a few of his songs. If i did have any of his songs, I wouldn’t stop listening to them. I paid for them so they are mine. I feel Michael Jackson and R Kelly are child molestors but I didn’t throw their music out. Im about their music not anything else. Now buying new music from them all, that’s another story.

  6. No I will not stop playing his music. I do not condon what he had done to Rihanna. They are in my prayers. That’s all I have to say. No judging

  7. He wasn’t in my playlist to begin with…and to all the people on here and other sites saying “there r 2 sides to every story” WTF is wrong with u?? Even if Rihanna slapped the shit out of him, it’s not like she was a random person on the street where he had to defend himself!! This is someone he has been with for some time now and if she complained to him before or got on his nerves before he should have left….plain and simple. There is NEVER an excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman. I don’t care what the “real” story is…I saw the picture of her..that’s all I need.
    Next thing ur gonna say is that Nicole Simpson “asked” for what she got…come on people

  8. Hi Miranda.

    I’m happy to pick my own causes. I’m going to stand up for not being pressured into no longer listening to songs that I like.

  9. No MTV puppet on my playlist. Never was, never will be!

  10. Ok I understand this is horrible, I feel bad for her. I don’t want to sound rude or anything, I do not support of what cb did, but that doea not mean I am going to delete his music. He is trully talented and it sucks that this can hurt or end his carreer. Somr of his songs are still in my zune

  11. He made a couple of nice songs but they’re worthless now, just a matter of time and they’ll disappear into obscurity along with the sadarse himself

  12. And he is still in my playlist…Thank you very much

  13. I just feel he is being unfairly crucified. Without his side of the story. Yes the pic is horrendous. But there is two sides to every story. If it was Justin Timberlake it wouldn’t be getting this much attention.

  14. Chris Brown? Who’s that?

  15. I never really like CB’s music all that much anyway…..but I know that my nephew likes him a lot and kind of looks up to him. So I’ll probably have to make sure that he knows he shouldn’t be looking up to someone who beats up women.

  16. No way will I stop listening to Chris Brown. Deleting music that I’ve already paid for from my playlists ain’t gonna make the world a better place. I’ll probably never buy another CB record, though.

    Unless it’s a real killer tune.

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