Prince Show Update

Head on down.  Enough room for all the funky people.

100 bux at the door at Avalon in Hollywood.-Dr.FB

P.S. for those in the front row, do pull out a few dollar bills sometime during the show and tell him to show you the $.  Seriously.

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  1. That was great…what a night. Thank you Dr. FB! I literally found out about the show 15 minutes before I got there…and it was riiiight on time. (I love living in Hollywood, baby!) Without the Funkenberry, I woulda been left out and so sad.

  2. Show was fucking awesome… Especially prince covering (of all people) Green Day. More later…

  3. So it’s finished now, isn’t it. Anybody from Cali…

  4. wish i could :(

  5. wow i wish i was in LA right now, i envy all you cali folks!

  6. if only i where in LA :-(

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