IHop Free Short Stack Today;Is It Worth Your Time?

I am just wondering, is it really worth it to stand in line for a couple of hours for a free short stack of pancakes?

I mean last month, Denny's does the Free Grand Slam Breakfast or whatever and people forget it is 5 bucks.  I know we are in bad economic times, but is your life of two hours worth free food?-Dr.FB

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  1. I wouldn’t wait hours for food for any restaurant but IHOP makes some damn good pancakes. I need to go back there soon. LOL

  2. Well actaully free pancakes at 3:40 am after a Prince concert woudl haev been priceless WWWWWHHHHAAAAAA! (Morris Day call out )

    But no i saw that Denny’s line a few weeks back and today the promo is forgotn, didnt make me go there in the past month how about you!

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