…And The Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist Is……

Diddy, Beyonce, & Jay Z Photo: xclusiveszone.net

When it comes to the wealthiest hip-hop artist, according to Forbes, and you guessed Jay Z, 50 Cent, or Dr. Dre, you would be close, but wrong.

According to Forbes, Diddy is the wealthiest hip-hop artist and is worth $580 million dollars and pulled in $50 million in the past year. That is a whole lot of green.

Dr. Dre was number 2 worth $350 million and made $40 million last year.

Birdman is worth $150 million to put him at number 3.

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson is worth $125 million.

Looks at bank account. A negative sign before the money isn't good is it?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Yea, the money is in music writing about the artists who make the money. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


President Obama On “The Tonight Show” This Thursday

Barack Obama on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" / photo: NBC
Barack Obama on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" / photo: NBC

Barack Obama on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" / photo: NBC

President Barack Obama will guest on "The Tonight Show" this Thursday, March 19, becoming the first sitting American President to ever appear on a late night talk show. 

The President will sit down with Jay Leno on the NBC show to talk about the economy and other topics, as part of continuing efforts to get his message out about his plans to lift the nation out of the recession.

For more, see the Reuters story here.


Cramer KO’d By Stewart

By all accounts, Jim Cramer got his ass handed to him last night on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart came out swinging and never let up, leaving Jim Cramer sagging against the ropes.

"I understand you want to make finance entertaining," Stewart told Cramer at one point, "But this is not a f-cking game."  By the end of the show, Stewart had Cramer admitting he "should do a better job" of reporting and advising on financial matters.

We have Round 1 here. The rest of this bruising smackdown can be viewed at Comedy Central's The Daily Show webpage here.


A Little Less Sesame Street

Sesame Street File Photo www.babble.com
Sesame Street File Photo www.babble.com

Sesame Street File Photo www.babble.com


Layoffs have hit our favorite children's television show, "Sesame Street".

They have just confirmed they must "regretfully" cut their workforce by twenty percent,  that's a total of sixty seven positions.

So, So sad.......


Cramer vs. Stewart


According to this L.A. Times article, CNBC money pundit Jim Cramer and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart are locked in a "full-blown media feud" over CNBC's reporting--or lack thereof, according to Stewart--of the precariousness of the economy over the last two years. In particular, Stewart has been playing clips of Cramer's financial and investment advice show Mad Money, with Cramer decidedly sugar-coating the situation: “Bear Stearns is fine! Bear Stearns is not in trouble.” Less than a week later, the investment house folded.

According to Stewart, “If I’d only followed CNBC’s advice, I’d have a million dollars today -– provided I’d started with a hundred million dollars."

Since then, there has been a volley of quips and remarks fired back and forth between the two, first in a column Cramer wrote on MainStreet.com, then an appearance on the Today show, with Stewart responding on his Daily Show broadcast. Look for Stewart to fire another round in tonight's episode.

And for the record, MY money is on Jon.


Circuit City….

All Circuit City stores close after today. 

That means after all things get cleaned up this week, 34,000 employees will be out of a job.-Dr.FB


Unemployment Hits 25 Year High.

12.5 Million people are unemployed