Bieber Makes Time For Selena & 6 Year Old Cancer Patient

Avalanna Routh & Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber spent Valentine’s Day with Mrs. Bieber. No, not Selena Gomez. That title belongs to 6-year-old cancer patient Avalanna Routh. Avalanna Routh is dying of cancer and her dream was to meet Justin Bieber. She loves Justin so much that she calls herself “Mrs. Justin Bieber” all the time. Justin’s people heard of Avalanna’s story over […]

IHop Free Short Stack Today;Is It Worth Your Time?

I am just wondering, is it really worth it to stand in line for a couple of hours for a free short stack of pancakes? I mean last month, Denny’s does the Free Grand Slam Breakfast or whatever and people forget it is 5 bucks.  I know we are in bad economic times, but is […]