Amy Winehouse Won’t Go, Go, Go to Coachella

Amy Winehouse / File photo
Amy Winehouse / File photo

Amy Winehouse / File photo

Amy Winehouse has had to cancel her Coachella appearance due to legal issues she's facing back home in England for assaulting a fan back in September 2008, according to this EW.com report:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse will not be playing California's Coachella music festival next month because she faces assault charges in England for allegedly attacking a fan last September. According to People, Winehouse's rep Chris Goodman has denied that U.S. authorities declined to issue her a work visa, saying only, "She cannot go [to Coachella] because of current legal issues." Last year, Winehouse did not attend the Grammy awards because the U.S. government would not issue her a visa. By the time that decision was reversed, it was too late.

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  1. She can’t get a visa.

  2. Because they DO “judas frickin priest!!” . And if your asking yourself this “question” I suggest that you go listen to her albums to learn some and to see for youself why ppl care.(smile)

    Take care Amy.

  3. what is everybody’s goddamn obsession with this chick?? she had ONE hit song, and why it was a hit, who the hell knows…. why does anybody care, seriously?!?

  4. Meh whatever

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