K-Fed Gets Older, Not Wiser

Kevin Federline File Photo
Kevin Federline File Photo

Kevin Federline File Photo

So this is What Kevin Federline looks like at 31?  Well, I guess it's not soo bad, right?  I mean, he's actually a very lucky man.  Mr. Spears oops, I mean Federline has been living the good life and has enjoyed all the spirits and gourmet food he could possible afford,( Well, on Brit's dime of course). I have to admit, in his dancing days his body was kinda bangin, but I guess this is what happens when one becomes a full time papa.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop roastin' his ass.....

Happy 31st Birthday Kevin Federline

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  1. he obviously has game otherwise he wouldn’t have pulled Brit. If you got game it does matter how old or fat you get.

  2. New title: ‘K-Fed Gets Older, And Wider’

  3. the more we talk about him the more he lives can we just stop the K- FED UGH …..pluse hes not that sexy

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