Kevin Federline

Britney Spears Attempts To Give Us Hot ‘Candies’ Pics

These pics are as airbrushed as Madonna’s LV campaign shoot.  OH WEE! Cause we all know Cheetos  doesn’t look anywhere near this good.  How old is Brit Brit?  Well, in this pic she look like she is in her late 30’s.  Not bad, but if you are in your early 20’s, then you lose! What a […]

K-Fed Gets Older, Not Wiser

So this is What Kevin Federline looks like at 31?  Well, I guess it’s not soo bad, right?  I mean, he’s actually a very lucky man.  Mr. Spears oops, I mean Federline has been living the good life and has enjoyed all the spirits and gourmet food he could possible afford,( Well, on Brit’s dime of […]

Breaking News: Britney Spears Emergency Room Drama

It appears on Brtiney’s first trip with the kids out of L.A. and to Mississippi may not have been a good one.  Unfortunately, Jayden James had to be taken to the emergency room late last night/early this morning.  He has already been released and to not attract media attention, Bryan James and the nanny went […]