Robert Pattinson’s B.O. Rank (And We Don’t Mean “Box Office”)

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson / ©NBC


Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson / ©NBC

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson / ©NBC

Kristen: No, serusly, Bob. You stink.

Hold on to your hats (and noses), girls. Apparently dreamboat Robert Pattinson is more of a fishing trawler. According to this report at Vh1, sources on the set of New Moon are saying that Pattinson seems to have an aversion to showering and his body odor is driving everyone mad. Two members of the staff and crew on the Twilight sequel are quoted as saying, "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy."

 "He completely reeks," the other said.

Hey, when we say we bring you the funk, we mean it.

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  1. Just cause he’s a ‘big’ star doesn’t mean anything. For all we know, he can smell greatly like b.o. A person’s status or ‘star power’ doesn’t affect their hygiene care, it’s still left to the person and how they take care of themselve to determine that matter. Any star can have hygenic problems.

    Anyway, he probably stinks and Kristen probably gets baked and looks hot while baked and the movie will sell itself to all those impressable people and make a shitload of money and I won’t care cause I’m too busy focused on the much better show True Blood leaving me wondering why the fuck am I even joining in a discussion here of how much rob smells like b.o.

    True Blood Season 3 coming to HBO next year woot!

  2. hanna…ur stupid

  3. u girls r stupid!!! taylor’s hot…

  4. his hair isn’t greasy, he uses hair gel and moose to keep it volumized in the twilight sequals .

  5. STOP being shallow!

    don’t follow along with all this political bull shit.
    this was an april fools day joke from one of my friends.

    god damn it what is happening with this world.
    think about it, your actually going to believe that a big star such as pattinson doesnt shower? like wtf!
    thats like saying he wears makeup and dresses when he’s at home.
    are you seriously going to believe that?
    he obviously showers you nobrained muckits.
    give the poor guy a break.
    he’s an amazing actor with gorgeous features.
    don’t listen to stupid shit you hear or read.
    it’s a mindless thing called RUMORS.

  6. OMG rob is like the best actor ever and i dont really care if he does stink, it may seem a little eccentric but i find that it is more of a turn on

  7. Um……? not sure if it’s true but i’ve heard it numarus places. Plus his hair is always greasy? IDK im not one to judge. Check out my site…. http://www.yellowthebokk.webs.com It amazing and has many links to ather amazing sites. GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. its not even true!! pple are stupid for believing this anyways do you honestly think someone whose in media spotlight would not bother showering and being hygienic!! seriously!! get a clue

  9. oh k you guys like believe everything that you read which is kind of stupid. but still, u never know unless u meet him and smell him and then tell them seriously this is just gossip which stupid people tell others

  10. EWWW… discusting!!! Your really hot but………. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  11. P.S. twilight is awsome and i cant wait till new moon comes out

  12. dude i seen twilight and ur hot but like EWWWWWWWW…… u need some shower tips. its really not that hard. first u get the water temp. to were u want it the turn the shower on. next u get undressed and get it. and dont jus5 stand under the water use these three products. shampoo, conditioner, and body wash

  13. thats gross just shower

  14. EW! I thought he was hot….. he is…. but EWWWWWWWWW
    Bo is a MAJOR TURNOFF Rob! EW…….
    seriously….. shower….. hair gel makes hair look greasy…. gross and ew
    once again.
    Sheesh dude…take a shower already, and use something called deodorant! Antiperspirant!… a lot of it.

    Sorry Rob your as hot as the sun but… BO ew

  15. Oohww I’m sorry ….but if true.. that is sooo nasty!! There’s ppl around you, man!!

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