Prince At Club Nokia Review

RARE SET LIST in my opinion.  Yesh. 

Just want to add more detailed reviews coming tomorrow.

Band: rhonda smith john blackwell, renato neto n some one with a hohner or randy phillips. (Inside joke)

Under The Cherry Moon Instrumental

Dream About You Instrumental

(Prince comes out n intros the band)

When I Lay My Hands On U(omg)

Journey To The Center Of Your Heart

The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars

Sometimes It Snows In April Instrumental

When The Lights Go Down

John Blackwell Solo

I Love u, But I Don't Trust U Anymore

(Prince talks about Nokia Club n that if the sound was better he would play for free but since it's not, gonna have charge his usual 3 mill lol)

She Spoke 2 Me


Encore;                                                                                                                                            large room with no light!!!!!!!!!!!,                                                                                         sweet thing w. Chaka Khan,                                                                                   insatiable,                                                                                                                           scandalous,                                                                                                                              the beautiful ones,                                                                                                           nothing compares 2 u,
Prince n the band take a bow. It is over.

What a night!

Thanks to jessica, the S man, the no name reporter, Prince and.....you.-Dr.FB

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  1. Can I please just say how happy I am to find that the people on this site are mostly positive and reeling from the set list as I am??? I was fortunate enough to attend all three shows and the experience was incredible. The set lists from shows 2 & 3 BLEW MY MIND.

    It was frustrating hearing booing and negative comments as I exited the last venue for the night…people complaining that he didn’t do the Hits or Purple Rain…complaining that they didn’t hear one song that they recognized. They just didn’t know how historic that night was…3 different bands…3 different venues…3 different genres…all in ONE night…all by OUR Artist. He truly IS music. And I hope he knows his REAL fans…those of us who have followed him year after year, album after album, show after show…WE WERE THERE. And we were SINGING ALONG!!!

    Thank you, Prince!!! With all my heart…Thank you. Those were the shows I was waiting all my life to watch and hear!!!

    Thank you Dr. Funkenberry…for keeping us all connected and in the know.

  2. I couldnt tixs 2 this show, but I went to the 1st show. OMG as good as the 1st show was the setlist for this show is a wish come true. I’ve heard people complaining about the set list since they didnt know a lot of the songs. Well IF they are truly the fans they claim to be the would realize he as more than 3- 4 albums/CD’s.

    Prince if you read this 4get the haters. That just means your doing the right thing! Keep doing what you do. They wont be around all that long anyway. Your long time, die hard fans will always be here singing along to all the songs no matter how old or rare. Hopefully you recorded the show & will release it on lotusflow3r!! PUH LEASE!! :) I got my credit card in hand!!

  3. I don’t know what I’m more amazed about..the setlist here, the setlist there or Prince’s remarkable hardcore energy. Unbelieveable.
    I’m just a bit worried he might have performed himself out and will have to take the rest of the year off to recover from the hedonism.

  4. Club Nokia show was amazing 2 me. The rarities he pulled out made me know that Prince knew he had his die hard fans there. Me being close 2 the front didn’t know a lot of people were let in late. But I have no complaits at all.I’m totally satisfied with the whole night

  5. are U 4 real???? In A Large Room With No Lights? Dream Factory outtake ??? Get out a here, wow

  6. I am so hurt and I will never go to Club Nokia again. I got kicked out of the show ay 2:16am because I had my tambourine in my hand. I had it the whole night walked in the venue with it. But security came to me and told me I had to check my tambourine or not return to the show. Well I stayed outside while the only artist I will go see played the rest of his set. I think I might sue.

  7. The set was about 45 minutes for most people because doors opened late and it took forever to actually be inside once they started letting people in. A bit of a disappointment.

  8. when i lay my hands on u was one of the highlites of my life wow it was amzing


  10. WOW! if only we could put all three concerts in one

  11. I still am in amazement over this one!! This was a very special show. It hit our deepest emotions. I could cry just replaying it back in my mind. Prince singin his heart out! Renato making love 2 us with that keyboard! Just having John Blackwell there was something special. Rhonda Smith! When the lights turned on and we knew the nite was over, Every1 just stood around in awe, trying 2 absorb everything that just hit us. I am completely satisfied… MMMmmm MMmmmm Mmmmm!

  12. Once again: The Doctor delivers.

    Thanks Dr. FB….and your Crew in the operating rooms.

    All the reviews are great!

    Status: We feel good about who we support!

  13. Off-the-chains !!! Just when i wanted to take a break…he got me back in. Cant wait for the next set of shows. I was in shock with the songs …like When I lay my hands on you, Scandalous, Insatiable. WOW !!! that’s all i can say

  14. alot of stuff out there about the sound….Prince is such a master showman – he made it work – as he always does! I was at Conga and the second Nokia show – the shows could not have been more stunning or more different. As rocking as the band and his guitar playing were at Conga – was as poignant and atmospheric as the set was at Nokia. I agree with the Doc – there was a rarity to this set list….a lover’s set to be sure. His singing was off the charts – if he did nothing but sing he would still be a huge star….breathtaking…thank you God, Prince and Doc for a huge dose of love.

  15. That’s right Prince u need to lay your soft hands right here in Hot Atlanta!!!!

  16. are there any pics from any of the shows!!!!!!!
    i would really like to see them!!!!!

  17. Get the F___ outta here!!? In a Large Room…?? And When I My Hands On U!! Right there–worth the price of admission! Oh, would that he could mix his sets up like this all the time! Yes, like the celebrations. Lord a’ mercy!

    L.A., you lucky SOBs! ;) Hope you enjoyed yourselves. What a week, eh? Now here’s hoping the man shares with the rest of us, too!

  18. Loved this show too!!! Renato, Rhonda and John kept it coming! An intimate club venue – standing room but it was so worth it!!! Thanks P!!!

  19. OMG!! When I Lay My Hands on U!! This is one that I would love to hear live. Bring on the tour please!!! Atlanta is waiting!!


  21. “Don’t take my picture just enjoy the show”

    Inside joke… you had to be there.

  22. Just one more club and The Revolution or SOTT/Lovesexy Band would of made an appearance! What was this a Celebration again?

  23. “…I love u but I don’t trust u anymore…”
    Unbelievable..? .. No I guess not ;)
    Much love Prince (smile)

    Thank you Dr.FB

  24. YAY Renato is back <3 Very romantic set <3

    Thanx Doc F

    Peace and love 2 all under heaven

  25. omg these are some great songs..set lists!!

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