Wendy & Lisa To Appear At Record Store Day In L.A.

Wendy & Lisa Cover White Flags of Winter Chimneys

Wendy & Lisa Cover White Flags of Winter Chimneys


Wendy & Lisa help celebrate Record Store Day with an appearance at Amoeba for Record Store Day and a deluxe, limited edition promotional CD of their new album, "White Flags of Winter Chimneys."


Check out the gorgeous cover by comics legend, Jaime Hernandez!

>This could be interesting. Always nice to see the girls.-Dr.FB

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  1. when?? love them!!

  2. hey doc – nice to see Wendy & Lisa over here!!!! yay!

    did you hear about this: http://www.housepetrelli.com/default.asp?Display=68 ???? :)

  3. Record store Day?! Is that for real? LOL
    Is this an April Fool wind up?..

  4. so am I the only one already fantasizing that Prince will show up there and do a little double blast of publicity with them…..??? a little acoustic cover of “purple rain” for old time’s sake??? pretty please……it would be a “win win” as they say….

  5. Aawww the ladies. Cool. :)

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