Former Prince Proteges Fdeluxe Return To The Scene

The band formerly known as "The Family" returns after 25 years...and a name change.

Fdeluxe features Paul Peterson (St. Paul) Eric Leeds, Jellybean Johnson, and the lovely and talented Susannah Melvoin. They are the creation of the musical genius Prince.

Prince gave them top-notch songs such as "High Fashion", "Mutiny". "River Run Dry", the ultra funky "Screams Of Passion", and the classic "Nothing Compares 2 u" that Sinead O'Conner covered and made a career out of.

Their 2nd appearance ever, at an event called the Family Jamm in 2003, where I was lucky enough to attend, showed that the music was still fresh.

As Fdeluxe, they have put together an album entitled "Gaslight" which I will be reviewing hopefully before they perform at The Largo this Friday night in Los Angeles with Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, aka Wendy & Lisa.

There are some jams on that as well.  Although there was no input from the person that put them together in the first place, Prince would be proud.  He had an eye and ear for talent, and they possess it.

Last Friday, the band performed their 3rd show ever at The Loring Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is easy to get nostalgic when you take about 25 years per album.  It makes it easier when you have people such as Questlove producing and working with you.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is, when you have talent like this group does, it really doesn't matter what your name is.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Friday Night Will Be A Family....Reunion


Purple Rain On The Big Screen Tonight In L.A.

Purple Rain Original Movie Poster
Purple Rain Original Movie Poster

Purple Rain Original Movie Poster

The classic "Purple Rain" movie is playing in Los Angeles tonight at the New Beverly Cinemas, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the film.

Prince's royal gem will be playing at midnight and it is $7.00 to attend. It should be a fun time and could take your mind off of other things going on, that's for sure.

We will see you there.  As for the star of the film, we hear he is in Minneapolis. We hear the girl that Jerome Benton threw in the trashcan will be there though.-Dr.FB


Wendy & Lisa Performing Tonight In Los Angeles

Wendy Melvoin Performing Earlier This Year.  Photo: Marie Randall
Wendy Melvoin Performing Earlier This Year.  Photo: Marie Randall

Wendy Melvoin Performing Earlier This Year. Photo: Marie Randall

2 of the most talented musicians in the world are performing an intimate set at the Largo in Los Angeles tonight.

Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, Wendy & Lisa will be performing songs from their catalog and music from the score of "Hereos" which they do as well.

I have seen Wendy & Lisa several times over the years and it is enjoyable. Lisa cracks these jokes and Wendy's expressions and storytelling is just great and makes my ears poke up.  John Mayer & Eric Clapton even joined them with Doyle Bramhall II at a show before on stage.

I wanted to promote this on Thursday but I felt with what was going on, it wasn't a good idea. So if you are wanting to get out and take a break from what is going on, Wendy & Lisa would be perfect.

They are also doing a meet up with fans after the show, so if you want something signed, they are more than happy and appreciative to do so.-Dr.FB

For tickets, call the Largo Box Office, 310-855-0350

Lisa Coleman Performing Earlier This Year.  Photo: Marie Randall

Lisa Coleman Performing Earlier This Year. Photo: Marie Randall


Nikka Costa & Sheryl Crow A No Show

Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa did not perform at the "Heroes For Autism" show last night with Wendy & Lisa.

We heard Sheryl Crow backed out on Friday and did not hear anything about Nikka until we were there.

WTH?  Does anyone know what happened before I go off?-Dr.FB


Nikka Costa Joins Wendy & Lisa For Heroes For Autism Concert

Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa Promotional Shot.

Nikka Costa Promotional Shot.

OK, now I really want to go to this.

The Heroes for Autism Benefit will be hosted by Rainn Wilson of the Office and will feature Wendy & Lisa headlining with an all star band that will feature Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa!


Wendy & Lisa To Appear At Record Store Day In L.A.

Wendy & Lisa Cover White Flags of Winter Chimneys

Wendy & Lisa Cover White Flags of Winter Chimneys


Wendy & Lisa help celebrate Record Store Day with an appearance at Amoeba for Record Store Day and a deluxe, limited edition promotional CD of their new album, "White Flags of Winter Chimneys."


Check out the gorgeous cover by comics legend, Jaime Hernandez!

>This could be interesting. Always nice to see the girls.-Dr.FB


51 Albums, Prince, The Dream Factory~ Thank You Vibe Magazine

I just had to post this.  The Dream Factory album is the BOMB!!!

This is the 4Th installment of 51 Albums that never were.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, VIBE Magazine!!!!

Enjoy!!! I know I did !

Dream Factory (Paisley Park, 1986)

“Writing a song for Prince is like brushing his teeth,” keyboardist Lisa Coleman says, laughing. “He’s that guy.” But for much of 1986, the prolific artist whose albums often bore the tag, “Written, arranged, produced, and performed by Prince,” was in a collaborative mood. The outcome? The stunning 18-track Dream Factory.

During Prince’s Hit & Run tour, he entered the studio for a series of dates with his longtime backing band The Revolution. Two members of the classic lineup would have the most artistic impact on those sessions: Coleman and guitarist Wendy Melvoin. That was the relationship he, Lisa, and myself had,” Melvoin recalls of the duo’s close musical bond with the infamously independent Purple One. “We were in studios all over the world, writing and finishing tracks that were all incredibly diverse and odd.”

Following Around the World in a Day (Paisley Park, 1985) and Parade (Paisley Park, 1986), Dream Factory was a showcase for Prince at his most avant-garde. What other multiplatinum superstar would open up an album with a  melancholy instrumental piano piece like “Visions”? But it only gets deeper—and weirder. Witness the dark funk title track, which rails against the crippling illusion of celebrity; “Crystal Ball,” a relentless 10-minute epic about war; and “Train,” a soulful rocker that uses train-track sound effects as a backbeat. The centerpiece is “All My Dreams,” a whimsical number straight out of a 1930s jazz musical, featuring Prince singing into a megaphone.

But Dream Factory was never officially released. After abruptly disbanding the Revolution, Minnesota’s native son included Dream Factory solo standouts like “Ballad of Dorothy Parker,” “Strange Relationship,” and “Sign O’ the Times” on his acclaimed 1987 album of the same name, erasing any trace of Wendy and Lisa. “We wanted to be Prince’s muses,” she says, “but he felt like he needed to take back the initial thing that got him to where he was at, which was, ‘I need to do this on my own,’” Melvoin says. Yet Wendy and Lisa have thrived, releasing several albums and scoring films like Soul Food (20th Century Fox, 1997) and television shows like NBC’s Heroes, as well as working with the Edith Funker supergroup with Erykah Badu, ?uestlove, James Poyser, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. But looking back, Wendy says of the time: “We are extremely proud of that period.”

Go to www.vibe.com for the complete story, pics, and music