Wendy & Lisa

Former Prince Proteges Fdeluxe Return To The Scene

The band formerly known as “The Family” returns after 25 years…and a name change. Fdeluxe features Paul Peterson (St. Paul) Eric Leeds, Jellybean Johnson, and the lovely and talented Susannah Melvoin. They are the creation of the musical genius Prince. Prince gave them top-notch songs such as “High Fashion”, “Mutiny”. “River Run Dry”, the ultra funky “Screams […]

Purple Rain On The Big Screen Tonight In L.A.

The classic “Purple Rain” movie is playing in Los Angeles tonight at the New Beverly Cinemas, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the film. Prince’s royal gem will be playing at midnight and it is $7.00 to attend. It should be a fun time and could take your mind off of other things going on, that’s […]

Wendy & Lisa Performing Tonight In Los Angeles

2 of the most talented musicians in the world are performing an intimate set at the Largo in Los Angeles tonight. Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, Wendy & Lisa will be performing songs from their catalog and music from the score of “Hereos” which they do as well. I have seen Wendy & Lisa several […]

Nikka Costa & Sheryl Crow A No Show

Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa did not perform at the “Heroes For Autism” show last night with Wendy & Lisa. We heard Sheryl Crow backed out on Friday and did not hear anything about Nikka until we were there. WTH?  Does anyone know what happened before I go off?-Dr.FB