Angelina Jolie Preggers Again? Lucky Number 7

Angelina Jolie www.blogspot.com
Angelina Jolie www.blogspot.com

Angelina Jolie www.blogspot.com

Is Angelina really pregnant again?  Star Magazine reports Jolie is two-and-a-half months along.  Is this really lucky number 7?  Only time will tell, I doubt the Jolie-Pitt Clan will neither confirm or deny it.

Oh Mr. Pitt, what have you gotten your sexy ass into?

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  1. oh,all you haters, let the woman have her babies/ What do you really care It’s not your money, or your life for that matter,jelous?

  2. is this for attention or something? what is her problem?

  3. I just can’t stand the carp mouth woman.

  4. Can’t stand it!!! it is so ridiculous, having children is a great thing, but exhausting yourself to make believe that you are all that of a great human being, it doesn’t show me she’s any better than any other celebrity out there. She is exhausting her relationship with Pitt.

    Jennifer is a humble woman even when she doesn’t have all the kids in the world. she is a good girl next to jolie. I don’t mean jolie is bad, but she wants us to think shes the best of women, she needs to proof something to poeple i quess.

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