Comedian George Lopez To Host Second Annual National Kidney Celebrity Golf Classic

George Lopez www.wordpress.com
George Lopez www.wordpress.com

George Lopez www.wordpress.com

Following the success of  last year's event, George Lopez and Stewart Rahr decided to do it once again.  Lopez will be joined by Alyssa Milano, Andy Garcia, Bill Bellamy, Tim Allen, and many other celebs to raise money for kidney disease awareness.  Proceeds will help fund programs such as the Children and Teen Summer Camp, and help approximately 2.5 million Southern California's struggling with this disease.

Event will take place May 4, 2009 at the Lakeside Golf Club, in Toluca Lake California.

Finally some good charity news. 🙂

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  1. If I am getting the product and I do not like it how shortly do i return it?

  2. I thoroughly loved the masters yesterday and delighted Mickelson won.

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  4. Mr. Lopez my family and I have been great fans of you for as long as you
    have been a comedian, we enjoy your shows everynite, they really help us forget our problems since your shows tell a little about our lives. I want to congradulate you on what your doing for the Kidney foundation, I know your wife gave you one of her kidneys and that shows how much love you both have together. Mr. Lopez my husband and I have alot of love together also but we have only one problem between us. My husband John was diagnoised with kidney cancer in 2007, he had surgery and was told they removed the cancerous kidney with no bad results but now his other kidney is not doing well, so now his considered to be on stage 4 ckd and he will need dialysis, we are trying so hard to get him out of his depression but I know he feels there’s nothing that can
    be done, I would give him one of my kidneys but due to a bad disease I
    enountered I can’t but I want so bad to convience some of my family members to help him out let’s see how it goes, were’re hispanics just like you and sometimes it seems our granmas thought the same sayings.
    Well what I would like truly from you with alot of help is a little note or
    autograph picture that you can write on to let him know things can go well and to give him encouragement to go on for the sake of his son, daughter, and two granddaughters and myself we have been married 39
    years and I can’t bear to lose him I would die without him cause he has
    always been my other half and I don’t find myself going on without him
    can you please do me this favor and sent him something to encourage
    him to keep on living, I will be forever grateful. I’m giving you my address because my internet will be turned off by 11/27/09 because we lack his financial help since he had to quite his job and it will be along time before we can get help for him through Social Security, I hate to give you this problem but I really would like you to sent him a letter or
    autograph to let him know there’s help and alot of faith.
    Isabel C Hinojosa
    4233 W Durango St
    San Antonio, Texas 78237

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