Support Indie Film: “Cherrybomb” Petition

We were contacted by Rupert Grint fansite Ice Cream Man and informed that online petitions have been created to show support for the film Cherrybomb. In the current economic climate, potential distributors are shying away from smaller indie films, and fans are keen to show that there is an interest in seeing a film like Cherrybomb in their local theatres. 

We've seen and really enjoyed this feature from first-time directors Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D'Sa during its festival run and are happy to support the petition. The film also has a killer soundtrack including songs by various indie UK artists, which alone would almost be worth the while.

To read our Cherrybomb review, click here

You can also check out a promo trailer here:

Our readers who are interested may sign the petition that most closely corresponds to their location through the links below:

American Cherrybomb Distribution Petition
Brazilian Cherrybomb Distribution Petition
UK Cherrybomb Distribution Petition
Italian Cherrybomb Distribution Petition
German Cherrybomb Distribution Petition
French Cherrybomb Distribution Petition

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  1. Thank you for supporting Cherrybomb, I want to see this movie so bad, I hope everybody signs the petitions. Loved the review on the movie as well

  2. I can’t wait to see this film! Everyone should get the word out!

  3. Thank you for the support! :)

  4. For a ginger, he ain’t half bad 😉 I’ll probably watch this

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