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johncmayerhttp://bit.ly/J2BFa New Battle Studies video is up.

Alyssa_MilanoI cooked! Rice pasta, fresh spinach, olive oil, cannelloni beans, and garlic. I may gnaw on the table now though.Game is making me nervous.

katyperryGod please have mercy on my little santa barbara... I believe in prayer... So if u don't mind saying 1 too for SB as it is in flames rig ...

TheEllenShowImagine putting on a sumo suit, racing to grab a football & then falling on your face. Keep that image in your mind. You'll see it tomorrow.

tavissmileyTonight on PBS: Former baseball All Star Darryl Strawberry. Preview clip with his advice to Derek Jeter: http://is.gd/xkSw


ShannaMoaklerI have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it. -Walt Disney


KourtneyKardashAt dodger game about to throw out the first pitch!! Wearing heels and scared to throw!

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