Mariah Shows Us How It’s Done

Mariah Carey www.wireimage.com
Mariah Carey www.wireimage.com

Mariah Carey www.wireimage.com

Here is Mariah Arriving  at the Cannes Film Festival sans Nick (again).... I'm sure he is there somewhere, someone needs to get this girl her drinks!

Now this is why Mariah is one of the most beautiful women in the world! That rag she had on the other night was just to tease us and remind us that she really is hitting 40, and there are times when she can't hide it.  This dress on the other hand, shows us she is hitting 40 and is looking mighty HOT while doing it.  HONEY HONEY HONEY!!

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  1. Oh common,…1 of the most beautifull women out there?

    The only thing not fake ’bout her is that voice,..wich kinda annoys me as well :D


  2. WoW !!!

    She looks so … BEAUTIFUL … I’ve been a fan of her’s since the 1st album. Go Nick Cannon …

  3. dr.f there has got 2 b more news that is worthy to b posted…geez we been looking at Mariah all weekend…

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