Eternal: Mariah Carey Reminds Us Of Her Previous Success On Eve Of New Single

Mariah Carey File Photo

Mariah Carey is about to release her new single (You're Mine) Eternal" on February 12th and the as yet untitled new album May 6th.

Has it really been 5 years since the last Mariah record? We are not counting the Christmas album sequel. We had Triumphant released which was anything but. She had a mini-hit with Miguel on "Beautiful" last year but no new album and an awful video to show for it.

Will Mariah give us new material to look forward to or will we need a video again in a couple of years reminding us again how great Mariah was instead of how great she is?-DocFB

Diagnosis: We will know the answer very soon....


#tbt #ThrowbackThursday “Someday” By Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Photo: ContactMusic.Com

It is time for Throwback Thursday! "Someday" by Mariah Carey. "Someday" was Mariah's 3rd single and also her 3rd straight number 1.

The song was released almost 23 years ago. Made some of you feel old?

"Someday" was one of 5 songs that were on a demo that Brenda K. Starr gave to Tommy Motolla. The song originally had a horn section but was replaced by guitars and given that "new jack swing" sound.

Mariah has always felt the song sounds too polished and she regrets the way it came out and it is a main reason she does not perform the song when touring.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Someday" solidified Mariah as a major threat. With "Vision Of Love" and "Love Takes Time" hitting number 1, she was on her way to being a balladeer diva. With "Someday" she showed she could make songs for the dance floor. Without "Someday", we may not have ever heard "Honey", "Dreamlover", "The Roof" and others. Despite what Mariah thinks, "Someday" is the song that made her a major, major star.


Just Like Honey! Ariana Grande Doesn’t Mind Being Compared To Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande Photo: Complex Magazine

We don't think it is a bad thing when people think you can hit the notes that Mariah Carey used to. Ariana Grande doesn't think so either.

When interviewed by Complex Magazine, Grande said:

"At first impression, I think it's an obvious comparison to draw because of the range and style of throwback R&B. But as you listen to the whole album, Yours Truly, you get to know my sound. You get to know Ariana. If I complained about being compared to the great vocalist who ever lived, I would be a very dumb, ungrateful person. So I can't complain. It's a massive compliment."

Check out Ariana Grande covering "Emotions" by Mariah Carey. Check the note round 1:27-DocFB

Diagnosis: Like Mariah, her debut album has hit number one. The rest? Time will tell.....


Mariah Carey Releases Blooper Reel Of…Um….Uh…Yea…


Mariah has released a blooper reel of her trying to promote her video with Miguel for "Beautiful" on the network. We mean hashtag beautiful. Ahem.

At least she doesn't take herself too seriously. #Bloopers-DocFB

Diagnosis: It is too bad she didn't take the music video for "Beautiful" seriously as it deserved a better video. That was kind of a professional blooper real....no?


Mariah Carey & Miguel Release Music Video For #Hermosa, Spanish Version Of #Beautiful

Mariah Carey & Miguel

When you get busted for lip syncing at an Award show, what do you do? Why, release a Spanish version of your latest single "Beautiful" entitled "Hermosa" with Miguel.

We know Mariah can sing...but has she forgotten to make great music videos? Sigh. There is more than just flashing a smile and your curves. Oh well. Sure this will do.....until her next award show performance.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This post was brought to by Memorex.....


#FlashbackFriday Mariah Carey “Honey”

Mariah Carey Cover Artwork

It is time for #FlashbackFriday with "Honey" by Mariah Carey!

"Honey" was the first single from "Butterfly" her 6th and, to most fans, her best album. When Mariah crossed into Hip-Hop and R&B, she never left. That might be where the change happened in her music.

Gone was the wholesome Mariah and in her place came the "You like my body" Mariah with the video directed by Paul Hunter.

"Honey" was Mariah's 12 number 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I thought I told U....that we won't stop!


Hmm. Mariah Carey & Miguel Release “Explicit” Version Of #Beautiful Watch Now!

Mariah Carey & Miguel

Mariah Carey & Miguel have released a new video for "Beautiful" an "explicit" version of the song.

Gone is the part of Mariah riding on the back of Miguel's bike, which I said looked too much like Miguel trying to be Prince once again with MC looking like Apollonia. People do pay attention to what I say. Just saying.

The explicit version just focuses on Mariah posing in the barn and Miguel dropping the "ass" and "F-word"...

Does it change what we originally wrote about the video? Nope. Still wish they would have remade it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Mariah posing til closing...again.