Kris Allen Sings ‘Heartless’ For Ellen

Kris went "Kanye West" karaoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

Ellen sure is awesome, she gave her audience 10 free itune downloads and the newest version of the Apple IPod.....SWEET!!

Ok back to Kris.....

Is he really that good? Thoughts?

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  1. my daughter takes sining lessons from my aunt which has a good soprano voice `

  2. BTW…I need to go to Ellen…..lol

  3. Kris is very commercial…..he’s cute….humble and…I can see his albums outselling Justin Timberlake, plus the fact that he can play instruments is a plus maybe the first potential true artist that Idol has ever put out…..don’t get me wrong Idol has released some talented singers….question is….where will they be in 25 years? The only two that I can see might have some staying power is Daughtry and he wasn’t even a winner and Carrie Underwood….Adam still has to prove himself on the commercial side….I think Adam is an extraordinary talented singer….beyond any i’ve seen on Idol….but after his rock stint I can see him being a big hit on broadway…maybe even coming out with his own broadway show…

  4. Yes! He’s got a cool vibe going on, a quiet confidence that’s very sexy, naturally talented, most likely never had a singing lesson in his life, just honed his skills at home and not in stage school
    He’s definately got a few songs of his own that he’s keeping quiet about. I know we’ll hear them at some stage, that’s when he’ll shine 😉

  5. Kris Allen is talented. Many people are that talented. Kris however, is not exceptionally talented. Adam is exceptionally talented and unique.

  6. Q: Is he really that good? Thoughts?

    A: No.

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